Sentence Examples with the word unrestricted

The ministry replied (July 23, 1910) that whatever policy might be adopted regarding Indians legitimately resident in South Africa, unrestricted Indian immigration into the Transvaal would not be permitted (see Blue-book Cd.

There is also this further disadvantage, that in the gradual progress of consolidation railway companies take upon themselves the aspect of large monopolies, of whose apparently unrestricted power the public is jealous.

In so vast an empire the governors and administrators had necessarily enjoyed an almost unrestricted power, and this had enabled them to accumulate wealth.

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The unrestricted intermixture of these three races forms the principal basis of the Brazilian population at the beginning of the 10th century.

So the theory of the forms appertaining to a binary form of unrestricted order was first worked out by Cayley and P. A.

At various times and by various persons, but more particularly by Peter the Great, the project has been mooted of cutting a canal between the Volga and the Don, and so establishing unrestricted water communication between the Caspian and the Black Sea; but so far none of these schemes has taken practical shape.

The chief magistracy was the strategia (tenable every second year), which combined with an unrestricted command in the field a large measure of civil authority.

It would be folly to think of introducing unrestricted parliamentary government at present, the conditions for its successful working not existing.

Finally, in 1838, the unrestricted right of lecturing was restored to him.

Throughout his long labours in behalf of unrestricted commerce he never lost sight of this, as being the most precious result of the work in which he was engaged, - its tendency to diminish the hazards of war and to bring the nations of the world into closer and more lasting relations of peace and friendship with each other.