Sentence Examples with the word unrecognized

This curious figure served to identify a similar but much finer piece of unknown origin, which had lain for many years unrecognized in the British Museum.

They were Fraticelli, Beghards, Lollards or other confraternities unrecognized by the church and in steady opposition to her government.

Deprived them by ordinance of the right of instruction, and obliged all applicants for licences as teachers to make oath that they did not belong to any community unrecognized by the laws.

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In 1841 Mosander, having in 1839 discovered a new element lanthanum in the mineral cerite, isolated this element and also a hitherto unrecognized substance, didymia, from crude yttria, and two years later he announced the determination of two fresh constituents of the same earth, naming them erbia and terbia.

It is obvious that such a right was a novelty hitherto unrecognized by any system of law.