Sentence Examples with the word unquestionably

I simply wish to fund a venture that unquestionably obtains highly valuable results.

These belong unquestionably to the later part of his reign, not improbably to the last four years of it, during which the chronicles are almost silent.

The origin of the H text must be regarded as unquestionably Egyptian, in view of the fact that it was used by all the Egyptian Church writers after the end of the 3rd century, and von Soden adopts the well-known hypothesis, first made popular by Bousset, that it represents the recension of Hesychius.

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Even if I am too optimistic in describing a truly post-scarcity world, wealth will unquestionably continue to grow, thanks to technology and free enterprise.

But Laplace unquestionably surpassed his rival in practical sagacity and the intuition of physical truth.

The territory between the two proposed lines was unquestionably of greater economic importance to Ohio than to Michigan, and, besides, at this particular time there were forcible political reasons for not offending the older state.

Maupertuis was unquestionably a man of considerable ability as a mathematician, but his restless, gloomy disposition involved him in constant quarrels, of which his controversies with Konig and Voltaire during the latter part of his life furnish examples.

On only one point, the position assigned in the Wissenschaftslehre to the absolute ego, is there any obscurity; but the relative passages are far from decisive, and from the early work, Neue Darstellung der Wissenchaftslehre, unquestionably to be ins uded in the Jena period, one can see that from the outset the doctrine of the absolute ego was held in a form differing only in statement from the later theory.

In mammals, as in other classes, there are low as well as high forms; but by any tests that can be applied, especially those based on the state of development of the central nervous system, it will be seen that the average exceeds that of any other class, that many species of this class far excel those of any other in perfection of structure, and that it contains one form which is unquestionably the culminating point amongst organized beings.

This estimate is unquestionably conservative, for there has been no large influx of European blood to counterbalance the race mixtures of earlier times.