Sentence Examples with the word unnerved

God, it unnerved him to even consider telling Fitzgerald about the bones.

He looked around, unnerved that such fervent men would retreat.

Brady peeled his face mask off and lowered the muzzle of his weapon, unnerved by the unrealistic utopia after the three-day battle up the side of the mountain.

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Of all generals Wellington was the last to waste a single trained man, and the sight of the breaches of Badajoz after the storm for a moment unnerved even his iron sternness.

Vandamme's exhausted troops were unnerved at the sight of this fresh foe, and an incipient panic was only quelled by turning guns on the fugitives.

So many have come to my bed, but never have I been so unnerved by a nocturnal visitor than when first dear Joshua visited me in the darkest part of the night.

She watched, unnerved at how close the battles were.