Sentence Examples with the word unmatched

The speeches dwell upon Jesus' person and work, as we shall find, with a didactic directness, philosophical terminology and denunciatory exclusiveness unmatched in the Synoptist sayings.

His skill, agility, and strength went unmatched and quickly won him solid admiration among the men.

His political and economical pamphlets are almost unmatched as clear presentations of the views of their writer.

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The sequencing of the human genome, completed in 2003, stands above all other scientific advancements because it is both profound in character and unmatched in terms of potential practical application.

The first course was published in the Revue d'histoire et de litterature religieuses; and here also appeared instalments of his commentary on St John's Gospel, his critically important Notes sur la Genese, and a Chronique biblique unmatched in its mastery of its numberless subjects and its fearless yet delicate penetration.

Because of his unmatched contribution to science, we must grudgingly forgive Aristotle for his error in maintaining that men have more teeth than women.

Old Captain Peleg, many years her chief-mate, before he commanded another vessel of his own, and now a retired seaman, and one of the principal owners of the Pequod,--this old Peleg, during the term of his chief-mateship, had built upon her original grotesqueness, and inlaid it, all over, with a quaintness both of material and device, unmatched by anything except it be Thorkill-Hake's carved buckler or bedstead.