Sentence Examples with the word unlock

Better microscopes gave us more information, more ways to unlock the secrets of life.

Her hands fumbled with the keys three times before she managed to unlock the door.

She'd learned how to lock and unlock the doors and entered the conference room, locking it.

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She pulled her keys out of her purse and clicked the unlock button, mouth dry as the vehicle's lights blinked.

By studying our collective Digital Echoes, we will unlock the mysteries of nutrition (and many a bar bet will be settled when this happens).

I can now tell her to go upstairs or down, out of doors or into the house, lock or unlock a door, take or bring objects, sit, stand, walk, run, lie, creep, roll, or climb.

We haven't even begun to figure out all the ways we might get unlimited free and clean power from nuclear fission or fusion or other ways to unlock the vast power stored in the atom.

It was long believed that work done against such forces was lost, and it was not till the r9th century that the energy thus transformed was traced; the conservation of energy has become the master-key to unlock the connexions in inanimate nature.

He stood close enough to feel her body heat and rested a hand on her hip as they waited for Ashley to unlock the door.

I think no matter what, energy costs will fall dramatically in the future, probably to near zero, because the economic incentives to unlock that technical puzzle are so overwhelming.