Sentence Examples with the word unloaded

They unloaded the wardrobe cart and sent it to take wounded men from a house two doors off.

Martha stopped to grab Betsy's hand, leading the way toward the cabin while Quinn and I unloaded the car.

Bianca cried out in surprise as Talon unloaded on Toni.

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A cargo of 200,000 bushels can thus be unloaded in two hours, while spouts on the other side of the elevator reload it into cars, five to ten at a time, filling a car in from five to ten minutes, or the largest canal boat in an hour.

Later when the ice retreated farther and the unloaded streams returned to their earlier degrading habit, they more or less completely scoured out the valley deposits, the remains of which are now seen in terraces on either side of the present flood plains.

Some arrivals have been diverted to Manchester since the opening of the Manchester ship s canal; shipments through the canal from the 1st of entry, September to the 30th of August in each year for the decade 1894-1895 to 1904-1905 are appended - six to eight times as much is still unloaded at Liverpool.

Corn from middle Russia for Astrakhan is transferred from the railway to boats at Tsaritsyn; timber and wooden wares from the upper Volga are unloaded here and sent by rail to Kalach; and fish, salt and fruits sent from Astrakhan by boat up the Volga are here unloaded and despatched by rail to the interior of Russia.

The instrument when unloaded serves for the range from 74 to 47 over proof; when loaded with the first weight it indicates from 46 to 13 over proof, with the second weight from 13 over proof to 29 under proof, and with the third from 29 under proof to pure water, the graduation corresponding to which is marked W at the bottom of the fourth scale.