Sentence Examples with the word unlikely

It is not unlikely that the houses of wealthy persons were distinguished by a good deal of ornamentation in carving and painting.

For since the ministers of the Temple at Jerusalem were the aristocracy of the land, and were often, as we know both from the book of Malachi and from the history of the Maccabees, the chief offenders, it is extremely unlikely that they collected for the official services.

It was very unlikely that that peace-loving Court would take up arms against its powerful neighbours on behalf of Napoleon, and his proceedings in the previous months had been so recklessly provocative as to arouse doubts whether he intended to invade England and did not welcome the outbreak of a continental war.

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It seems not unlikely therefore that Craig may have accompanied the king in his visit to Uranienburg.

But Chrysanthius declined on the strength of unfavourable omens, as he said, but probably because he realized that the scheme was unlikely to bear fruit.

Although, as Harris points out, it is unlikely that the original text of the Diatessaron had come down unchanged through the two centuries to Ephraim's day, the text on which he comments was in the main unaffected by the revision which produced the Peshitta.

And it is not in itself unlikely that the passionate vehemence which characterizes the first group was of short duration.

It seemed unlikely that he would travel so many miles to get her, and then give up.

In several of these it appears not unlikely that the recurrent explosive liberations of energy in the muscle tissue are not secondary to recurrent explosions in nerve cells, but are attributable to decompositions arising sua sponte in the chemical substances of the muscle cells themselves in the course of their living.

It is not unlikely that they were spent at Rome or in Italy in the fulfilment of some official duties.