Sentence Examples with the word unlike

Eny very unlike the parent, or a mixed progeny showing various degrees of divergence.

We find in nature two other unlike substances, marble and Iceland spar, each of which is wholly composed of carbon dioxide and lime.

Its very growth invited attempts to weave ascetic, theosophic, semi-Jewish fancies round the faith, not unlike the attempts often made in modern India to assimilate Christian and local philosophies of religion.

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Showed that, Emancl- unlike his father, he meant to grapple boldly with the difficult and dangerous problem.

Hoping to enter on an entirely new life quite unlike the old one, he expected everything to be unusual, even more unusual than what he was seeing.

It was because the aftermath of Newtonian science was so rich that the scientific faith of naturalism was able to retain a place besides its epistemological creed that a logician of the school could arise whose spirit was in some sort Baconian, but who, unlike Bacon, had entered the modern world, and faced the problems stated for it by Hume and by Newton.

Bartoldus, by Benedetto da Maiano, is not unlike that in the Collegiata (1494).

For here Jesus affirms his conviction, in view of his impending death, which unlike his disciples he foresaw, that, when the kingdom of God is instituted on earth, he will take his place in it.

She saw a full range of eye colors, though she noticed with some interest that blue or green eyes were unnaturally clear-- unlike her Mediterranean, green-blue-grey gaze.

Australasia had then as now a peculiar flora of its own, though the former wide dispersal of the Proteaceae and Myrtaceae, and also the large number of Amentaceae then found in Australia, make the Eocene plants of Europe and Australia much less unlike than are the present floras.