Sentence Examples with the word unjointed

The tenth abdominal segment carries strong, unjointed cerci, while the presence of reproductive armature on the second abdominal segment of the male is a character found in no other order of the Hexapoda.

A third division, the Tartarides, a subordinate group of the Uropygi, contains minute Arachnida differing principally from the typical Uropygi in having the caudal process unjointed and short.

In the vast majority of the Dermaptera the cerci are - in the adult insect at least - stout, unjointed appendages forming a strong forceps (fig.

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In at least one genus the unjointed pincers of the forceps are preceded, in the youngest instar by jointed cerci.

Prominent, unjointed cerci, male with genital armature on second abdominal segment.

Cerci always present; usually modified into unjointed forceps.

The Corixidae are small flattened water-bugs, with very short unjointed beak, the labrum being enclosed within the second From Marlatt, Bull.