Sentence Examples with the word united states navy

He was brought up in the merchant service, and entered the United States navy as a lieutenant in 1798.

Such are Pioneer Hall, the home of the Society of California Pioneers (1850), endowed by James Lick; Portsmouth Square, where the flag of the United States was raised on the 8th of July 1846, and where the Committee of Vigilance executed criminals in 1851 and 1856; Union Square, a fashionable shopping centre, decorated with a column raised in honour of the achievements of the United States Navy in the Spanish-American War of 1898;; also the United States Branch Mint, associated with memories of the early mining days (the present mint dates only from 1874).

The architects of the United States navy are sent here for instruction in their most advanced courses.

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A United States navy yard, officially known as the Portsmouth Navy Yard, is on an island of the Piscataqua but within the township of Kittery, Maine.

He became a midshipman in the United States navy in 1829, and was in the coast survey in 1836-1842.

THOMAS MACDONOUGH (1786-1825), American sailor, was born in the state of Delaware, his father being an officer of the Continental Army, and entered the United States navy in 1800.

STEPHEN DECATUR (1779-1820), American naval commander, was born at Sinnepuxent, Maryland, on the 5th of January 1779, and entered the United States navy as a midshipman in 1798.

He entered the United States navy in 1812, and was actively employed till the beginning of the Civil War.

The United States navy paid great attention to its gunnery, which the British navy, misled by its easy victories over the French, had greatly neglected.

He entered the United States Navy as a midshipman in 1818, and became a lieutenant in 1826.