Sentence Examples with the word unison

It may thus be brought into unison with any sound of which it may be required to determine the corresponding number of vibrations per second, as for instance the note A3, three octaves higher than the A which is indicated musically by a small circle placed between the second and third lines of the G clef, which A is the note of the tuning-fork usually employed for regulating concert-pitch.

Beats also afford an excellent practical guide in the tuning of instruments, but more so for the higher notes of the register, inasmuch as the same number of beats are given by a smaller deviation from unison by two notes of high pitch than by two notes of low pitch.

By means of two collars K, K', the lever L is made to oscillate in unison with the beam B.

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By reducing the tension to one quarter of its previous amount, the number of ventral segments will be seen to be increased to two, indicating that the first harmonic of the thread is now in unison with the solid, and consequently that its fundamental is an octave lower than it was with the former tension; thus confirming the law that n varies as S IT.

Joining the league of Torgau in 1526, he acted in unison with the Protestants, and was among the princes who banded themselves together to overthrow Charles V.

When two notes are not quite in unison the resulting sound is found to alternate between a maximum and minimum of loudness recurring periodically.

They clapped in unison and congratulated her.

The Joruri is a dramatic ballad, sung or recited to the accompaniment of the samisen and in unison with the movements of puppets.

Hence, when the undulating telephonic currents were made to pass through the apparatus, the constant variation of the friction of the spring caused the deflexions of the diaphragm to vary in unison with the variation of the electric The extreme smallness of the magnets which might be successfully employed was first demonstrated by Professor Peirce of Brown University, Providence, R.I.

In 1893 the United States government created a California Debris Commission, which has acted in unison with the state authorities.