Sentence Examples with the word uniformed

These uniformed police are not all employed in the streets and arrondissements, but there is a large reserve composed of the six central brigades, as they are called, a very smart body of old soldiers, well drilled, well dressed and fully equipped; armed, moreover, with rifles, with which they mount guard when employed as sentries at the doors or entrance of the prefecture.

The uniformed guys downstairs had drawn lots to see who got stuck informing the next of kin, and since that time, speculation on the disappearance of Jeffrey Byrne had been the chief topic of conversation at the Parkside Police Department.

Reluctantly, he agreed to waste his Sunday with Vinnie and learned from Sackler that a uniformed officer had delivered Vinnie's clothes earlier.

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Hunter' desk was on the second floor, tightly squeezed between two others where uniformed offices sat with telephones pressed to their ears.

When he'd slowed to the shoulder he was surprised to discover his error as a uniformed female emerged from the vehicle.

When I crawled out of toilet a uniformed officer was waiting for me.

As Dean and his stepfather neared the bridge, they looked up to see a uniformed City of Ouray police man pointing at him.

Before the uniformed officers left to interview the neighbors, Dean called Lieutenant Anderson to inform him of this latest development.

The entire area was swarming with people in all manners of attire from combat ready armament to business suits to uniformed police.

Murphy? he called to a uniformed officer.