Sentence Examples with the word ungenerous

He gives fullest scope to the ungenerous view that a vast proportion of professedly revealed truth was ingeniously palmed off by the more cunning on the more ignorant for the convenience of keeping the latter under.

It thus came to pass that in Purcell's voluminous biography much that was obviously never intended for the public eye was, perhaps inadvertently, printed, together with a good deal of ungenerous comment.

In the negotiations of the Treaty of Paris (1783) the Dutch found themselves abandoned by their allies and com elled Pea c e of y, p to accept the disadvantageous but not ungenerous terms accorded to them by Great Britain.

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Indisputably Charles was cruel, ungenerous and vindictive; yet he seems, at all hazards, strenuously to have endeavoured to do his duty during a period of political and religious transition, and, despite his violence and brutality, possessed many of the qualities of a wise and courageous statesman.