Sentence Examples with the word unfinished

And Hugh Capet and the history of the kingdom of Provence were not published until after his death, and his own unfinished history of Charles the Bald was left to be completed by his pupils.

In addition to this, the unfinished surface of the walls and the rough bosses left on many XXII.

In the centre of the city stands the unfinished Belfry (Beffroi), a square tower some 300 ft.

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An unfinished work, The History of the Theory of Elasticity, was edited and published posthumously in 1886 by Karl Pearson.

She caught the unfinished word in its flight and took it straight into her open heart, divining the secret meaning of all Pierre's mental travail.

His History is a gigantic unfinished introduction, of which the plan was, first to state the general principles of the author's method and the general laws which govern the course of human progress; and secondly, to exemplify these principles and laws through the histories of certain nations characterized by prominent and peculiar features, - Spain and Scotland, the United States and Germany.

Archimedes gave his results in the treatise IIepi Ti j c aOaipas Kai roD KUXLvbpov: he left unfinished the problem of dividing a sphere into segments whose volumes are in a given ratio.

On the 17th of the following April, however, Ensign Edward Ward, commanding the soldiers, in the absence of Captain Trent, was forced to evacuate the unfinished fortification by a party of about r000 French and Indians, under Captain Contrecceur, who immediately occupied the works, which he enlarged and completed, and named Fort Duquesne, in honour of Duquesne de Menneville, governor of New France in 17521 755.

Dean managed to whistle down a young boy who agreed to use his snow blower on Dean's unfinished sidewalk, for an amount Dean considered ridiculous, but he knew he needed to get up to snuff on Shipton's fall before he was totally on the defensive.

But the strongest confirmation of the tradition is the unfinished condition in which the poem has reached us.