Sentence Examples with the word unfavourable

One obvious sign of a crisis was the demand for loans against security from the Austro-Hungarian Bank, which was the result of the unfavourable position of investments on the bourse.

Rlier course of the war was unfavourable to Otto, whose pos tion was weakened by the death of Richard of England inkpril 1199; but his cause began to improve when Pope Inn cent III.

In 1813 he made his debut in an opera in one act, the Sejour militaire, the unfavourable reception of which put an end for some years to his attempts as composer.

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More recently these catadioptric microscopes were disregarded because they yielded unfavourable results.

Pavia, the red buckeye of North America, shows a special tendency, under unfavourable conditions, to be double-blossomed.

They met with little success, as is Y Y innate distrust of the Germans naturally rendere d the tla n;t Bohemians unfavourable to a creed which reached them from the realm of their western neighbours.

Thus the differences in the wave-lengths of presumably the same lines as measured by different Arctic observers may be only partly due to unfavourable observational conditions.

Tropophytes.These plants are characterized by being xerophytic during the unfavourable season.

But while on the whole the fortunes of the European war, both in the east and in the west, were unfavourable to the imperialists, Charles V.

Here Gfrdrer had manifested opinions unfavourable to Protestantism, which, however, were not openly avowed until fully developed in his church history (Allgemeine Kirchengeschichte bis Beginn des 14ten Jahrhunderts, Stuttgart, 1841-1846).