Sentence Examples with the word unfairly

The Germans complain that in many cases the government acted very unfairly to them.

Himself a Roman Catholic of birth and genius, unfairly kept back in the race of life, he devoted his heart and soul to the cause, and his character and antecedents made him the champion who ultimately assured its triumph.

This will absolve governments from making sure Microsoft does not use its Windows monopoly to unfairly muscle its way into other markets.

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Yet, Puritan though he was, he was extremely and often unfairly antagonistic to Nonconformists.

The theory has been unfairly criticized by Jouffroy, Amedee Jacques, Sir James Mackintosh, Thomas Brown and others.

As his model in medical methods, Sydenham repeatedly and pointedly refers to Hippocrates, and he has not unfairly been called the English Hippocrates.

Even after the king's triumph Arnold suffered from the malice of his enemies, who contrived that he should be unfairly assessed for the tallages imposed upon the city.

He unfairly blamed his chief minister, Archbishop Stratford, for his financial distress, and immediately on his return vindictively attacked him.

McGill, London, 1843 and 1850) unfairly antagonistic; T.

This was said of the first report, which contained no decision on nationalization; but it was afterwards unfairly alleged by Labour speakers that the Government, by refusing to accept the principle of nationalization, approved in a subsequent report, had broken Mr. Law's pledge.