Sentence Examples with the word unevenly

Ah... those peasants! shouted an officer, seizing by their shoulders and checking the peasants, who were walking unevenly and jolting the stretcher.

You do realize that if it's a girl, we're going to be unevenly matched.

The area within the walls is a vast expanse of cultivated land, unbroken by any vestige of antiquity; yet the soil is thick with tile and potsherd, and in hot summers the unevenly growing corn reveals the remains of streets beneath the surface.

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Because human ability is distributed unevenly and technology multiplies ability of the talented, the spread between the rich and poor will rise more and more.

Lee and others, New Jersey as a Colony and as a State (4 vols., with an additional biographical volume, New York, 1902, rather unevenly proportioned, and inaccurate as to details; W.

Short and reticulately-pitted tracheal cells, similar to tracheids, often occur in the circummedullary region of cycadean stems. In an old stem of Cycas, Encephalartos or Macrozamia the secondary wood consists of several rather unevenly concentric zones, while in some other genera it forms a continuous mass as in conifers and normal dicotyledons.