Sentence Examples with the word unequal

Revolts broke out and Passerini showed himself quite unequal to coping with the situation.

The varying texture of this rock, its irregular foliation and jointing, and its ramifying veins of pegmatite give it very unequal powers of resistance.

When the segmentation is unequal one of the megameres gives rise by successive divisions to two primary mesoderm cells called mesomeres; these divide to form two masses of cells called mesoblastic bands.

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Eternity in such an unequal partnership wasn't even worth considering.

The unequal intensities observed indicate a difference in the effectiveness of the channels through which energy is lost, and this need not be connected with the ultimate state of equilibrium when the body is kept at a uniform temperature.

The last years of his life were spent in comparative poverty and isolation, as even the Esterhazy-Forchtenstein estates were unequal to the burden of supporting his fabulous extravagance and had to be placed in the hands of curators.

The whole world was divided into two unequal parts: one, our Pavlograd regiment; the other, all the rest.

By the unequal development of the secondary cortex the stem becomes twoor three-lobed; the roots, which branch dichotomously, spring from the furrows between the lobes.

It differs from the Algol type in having two unequal minima separated by two equal maxima.

Though he distrusted his powers and declined the responsibility of supreme command, there is nothing in his career to show that he would have been unequal to it.