Sentence Examples with the word underneath

On the after side, or side next the stern of the ship, is a comfortable seat, with a locker underneath for umbrellas, comforters, and coats.

High, and underneath it was a labyrinth, from which FIG.

I fathomed it easily with a cod-line and a stone weighing about a pound and a half, and could tell accurately when the stone left the bottom, by having to pull so much harder before the water got underneath to help me.

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Self-acting tanks are occasionally built underneath the platforms of hoisting cages.

Opposite the entrance within is a hall with recesses for coffins and a richly panelled ceiling; underneath is an immense vault.

The parts of a mushroom consist chiefly of stem and cap; the stem has a clothy ring round its middle, and the cap is furnished underneath with numerous radiating coloured gills.

SVANETIA, a mountainous district on the south slopes of the Caucasus, immediately underneath the loftiest glaciated peaks of the middle of the system.

The gills underneath the cap L, ht, N are at first white, then rose-coloured, at length brown-black.

Short red hair crept from underneath her cap and even Dean's untrained eye could tell her makeup was carefully applied and her uniform cut to exhibit a knock-out figure.

In this case the advanced drift is run underneath the pillar, and the ground below is mined in descending steps.