Sentence Examples with the word undermine

Chinchillas live in burrows, and these subterranean dwellings undermine the ground in some parts of the Chilean Andes to such an extent as to cause danger to travellers on horseback.

Moreover, the arguments by which Heraclitus supported this theory of the universal flux are employed by Protagoras to undermine the possibility of objective truth, by dissolving all knowledge into the momentary sensation or persuasion of the individual.

Instead of loyally supporting the president in the difficult task of building up a stable state, he did everything in his power to undermine his authority, going so far as to urge the Boers to pay no taxes while Burgers was in office.

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Having thus disposed of the ideas of truth and causality, he proceeds to undermine the ethical criterion, and denies that any man can aim at Good, Pleasure or Happiness as an absolute, concrete ideal.

His sagacity discerned that the rationalism by which Bolingbroke and the deistic school believed themselves to have overthrown revealed religion, was equally calculated to undermine the structure of political government.

It endeavours, therefore, to undermine all aspirations of this nature and, its own tendency being essentially international, strives to ensure that national sentiment and national interests shall not find over-zealous champions among the clergy.

Innocent thereupon proclaimed a crusade against the emperor and armed his ubiquitous agents, the Franciscan and Dominican friars, with special indulgences for all those who should take up the cross against the imperial heretic. At the same time he did all in his power to undermine Frederick's authority in Germany and Italy.

This intention produced me dissensions among the Habsburgs, especially between impertal the emperor and his brother Ferdinand, and other SUCCeS causes were at work, moreover, to undermine the 51011, formers position.

To them it is only a moment affording opportunities to undermine a rival and obtain an extra cross or ribbon.

During that year he visited the prison camps in Germany and tried, with very poor success, to undermine the loyalty of Irish soldiers who were prisoners of war, making them alluring promises if they would join an Irish brigade to fight for Ireland against Great Britain.