Sentence Examples with the word unconstitutional

This time Venizelos, as a protest against the King's unconstitutional proceedings, called upon his party to abstain from the polls; and as a result, only 230,000 votes were cast, as against 720,000 in the previous election.

Having thus completed his vengeance on those who had slain his friends ten years beforetheir respective punishments were judiciously adapted to their several responsibilities in A bi that matterRichard began to behave in an arbitrary rue and unconstitutional fashion.

The amendment was never actually adopted by Congress, and was in fact expressly repudiated in the Compromise of 1850, and its content declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in the Dred Scott case.

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On the refusal of his resignation, he entered into a struggle with the majority in the congress, and ultimately resorted to an adjournment and the unconstitutional arrest of 68 of the senators and representatives.

A long experience of his character and actions convinced barons and commons alike that he was a just and sincere man, a friend of good governance, and an honest opponent of arbitrary and unconstitutional rule.

Great reforming ministers would do well to recollect that the success of even liberal measures may be dearly purchased by the resort to what are regarded as unconstitutional expedients.

In 1897 a law was passed making the right of suffrage dependent on the payment of poll taxes for the preceding two years; but in the following year the State Supreme Court declared this act unconstitutional because the title was not descriptive of the matter.

An anti-trust law of 1893 exempted from the definition of trust combinations those formed by producers of agricultural products and live stock, but the Un tied States Supreme Court in 1902 declared the statute unconstitutional as class legislation.

A decision of the Clark county district court declaring this measure unconstitutional was affirmed by the court of appeals.

He packed the privy council, the army and the universities with Catholics, and tried to legalize the exercise of their religion by an utterly unconstitutional Declaration of Indulgence.