Sentence Examples with the word uncomfortably

He stared at her, considering and wary, in a way that made her uncomfortably fevered.

He shifted uncomfortably and his neck turned a darker shade of red.

June is often wet, but most favourable for the springing crops; July and August are warm, but, excepting two or three days at a time, not uncomfortably so; while the autumn weeks of late August and September are very pleasant.

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Uncertain how to respond, Deidre laughed uncomfortably at the amount of bewilderment his question contained.

His chocolate gaze scanned the room full of women uncomfortably as he walked toward her, his square-toed boots clicking briskly on the hardwood floor.

These new structures would rest uncomfortably upon eroded formations and this, Wayland Vaughan points out, is what we actually observe in the case of living and fossil coral reefs.

She shifted uncomfortably at the internal turmoil.

Most of the guests were Evelyn's friends and family; Romas's small party consisted of only a handful of men-- cousins, according to Evelyn-- looking like an NFL team dressed uncomfortably in their tuxes.