Sentence Examples with the word uncomfortable

There's no point in being uncomfortable just so you can prove what a macho man you are.

And about this harpooneer, whom I have not yet seen, you persist in telling me the most mystifying and exasperating stories tending to beget in me an uncomfortable feeling towards the man whom you design for my bedfellow--a sort of connexion, landlord, which is an intimate and confidential one in the highest degree.

She hesitated, growing uncomfortable in the clammy in-between place with the scary stranger.

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The uncomfortable figure in the Bodleian Library does not give much help. Sir John Malcolm has been at some pains to invest his portrait of Timur with individuality.

An uncomfortable warmth surged up her neck, flooding her cheeks.

Jessi stepped aside to let Xander deal with the gorgeous woman, hoping Toni made him as uncomfortable as he did her upstairs.

At the outset and that he was placed in the uncomfortable position of administering a policy which he disliked and which he believed to be entirely mistaken.

No matter what Katie or Alex said or thought, exploring the extent of his wealth was uncomfortable for her.

She spoke until she drifted into an uncomfortable doze only to awake when he released her.

An uncomfortable silence surrounded them for a while as Rachel diced tomatoes and Adrienne chopped the lettuce.