Sentence Examples with the word uncanny

One thing about Lathum, he had an uncanny way of being right about people.

And the defects are in all respects commonplace; they have no resemblance to that uncanny discomfort which often warns the wise critic that he is dealing with an immortal.

It was uncanny the way he could anticipate trouble.

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However, Betsy noticed a California kidnapping that bore an uncanny resemblance to the Delaware, and later Alabama abductions, where a deputy sheriff was killed.

Haunting buildings and famous ruins, gliding around pools, walls and trees, mysteriously disappearing below ground, the serpent and all its kind invariably arrested attention through its uncanny distinctiveness from bird or beast.

Reinach, therefore, supposes that in the Stone age which succeeded, pictorial art was banned because it had got into the hands of magicians and had come to be regarded as inevitably uncanny and malefic. This is certainly the secret of the ordinary Mahommedan prohibition of pictures and statues, which goes even to the length of denying to poor little Arab girls the enjoyment of having dolls.

I spent forty minutes alone with the director and related all the situations where your uncanny tips were involved.

It was cold and uncanny in the rapid current in the middle of the stream, and the uhlans caught hold of one another as they fell off their horses.

Without knowing anything about him, she had the uncanny impression they were a lot alike in how alone they were.

Second obstacle: surviving her first full day in an unfamiliar job working for someone with the uncanny knowledge that she was there for nefarious reasons.