Sentence Examples with the word unanswered

Then he heard the door close with a bang and Dean was alone with his thoughts and unanswered questions.

Unless there was a pending crisis of major proportions, telephone messages remained unanswered and promises unfulfilled.

The only response was the echo of an unanswered ring.

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Once again, the phone rang unanswered at the Indiana location.

We're not thinking clearly and there are too damn many unanswered questions.

Ms. Larkin was far from sober, but Dean had unanswered questions.

The only qualification admitted under the new convention is that it shall not apply when the debtor-state refuses or leaves unanswered an offer of arbitration, or in case of acceptance renders the settlement of the terms of arbitration impossible, or, after arbitration, fails to comply with the award.

Think of the great unanswered questions of the ages.

Janet was late again and Cynthia's bedside attempt to call her mother in Indiana resulted in unanswered rings, causing her further concern.