Sentence Examples with the word un-

Water plants, where flowers are un- a, anther; s, pistil; able to reach the surface (e.g.

The characteristic tenet of orthodox Brahmanism consists in the conception of an absolute, all-embracing spirit, the Brahma (neutr.), being the one and only reality, itself un- Connexion conditioned, and the original cause and ultimate with goal of all individual souls (jiva, i.e.

The stretch from Samsat and Jeziret-ibn- 'Omar to the alluvial plain seems to divide itself naturally into three parallel belts, highland watershed district, un- Geography.

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Lord Melbourne ascertained that the queen's dis- The positions towards her cousin, Prince Albert, were un- queen's changed, and he advised King Leopold, through M.

Their un- Russian shouting at their horses which were straining uphill with the carts, and their calls to one another, could be clearly heard.

There's something fresh, original, un- Petersburg-like about her that distinguishes her.