Sentence Examples with the word tyche

Information was given him in the spring of 212 (two years from the commencement of the siege) that the Syracusans were celebrating a great festival to Artemis; making use of this opportunity, he forced the Hexapylum entrance by night and established himself in Tyche and on the heights of Epipolae.

The people now walled in the suburb of Tyche to the west of Achradina (Freeman iii.

Bonagia (more correctly Panagia), which here forms the boundary between Tyche and Achradina.

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Her power is irresistible, even greater than that of the gods; to her was due the strife (battles with Titans, Giants) that raged amongst them of old, before the rule of love began; the world revolves round the spindle, which she holds in her lap. According to the Egyptian theory, she is one of the four deities present at the birth of every human being, her companions being the Daemon (guardian spirit), Tyche (Fortune) and Eros.

Under the later reigns the Tyche figure (the personification of a Greek city) becomes common as a coin type (Wroth, Coins of Parthia, pp. liii., lxxiv.).

Heraclea was also the name of one of the Sporades, between Naxos and Ios, which is still called Raklia, and bears traces of a Greek township with temples to Tyche and Zeus Lophites.