Sentence Examples with the word two dozen

About two dozen ugly-looking species inhabit rivers and estuaries from Bengal to Australia.

Some two dozen distinct species have been described as occurring in man.

Pellico and Maron.celli were immured in the Spielberg; Confalonieri and two dozen others were condemned to death, their sentences being, however, commuted to imprisonment in that same terrible fortress.

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The servants were a little discouraged, but soon they brought in a great tray containing two dozen nicely roasted quail on toast.

He sat at the window overlooking the street two dozen stories below.

His multimillionaire father's picture was on the wall, and he owned two dozen restaurants in the Annapolis area, including this one.

Now it held about two dozen people, some climbers preparing their equipment and photographers availing themselves of the excellent location where they could look straight down on the climbers below them.

By 1913, the post office was closed and the town had dwindled to two dozen remaining souls, and before long, it was left to indigenous wildlife and the spirits of a boisterous past.

Our case of water bottles, down three from the original two dozen would need to be rationed.

Gabriel followed, ignoring the rows of delicate glassware, Bunsen burners, machines, and other science toys that employed the two dozen immortal scientists.