Sentence Examples with the word two

This would be as if two men were to agree to draw lots as to which should commit suicide in order to avoid fighting a duel.

Overly aware of his presence, Deidre stepped outside the kitchen to the breakfast counter and poured two glasses of wine.

Most of these commuters lived on the eastern perimeter, as if the extra mile or two made their daily trek somehow more acceptable.

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The great extension of surface thus produced had the drawback of exaggerating any small defect in the union of the two metals, increasing it to a blister of an inch or more in diameter.

Meanwhile at Mentone in the winter of1873-1874he had grown in mind under the shadow of extreme physical weakness, and in the following spring began to contribute essays of high originality to one or two periodicals, of which the Cornhill, then edited by Sir Leslie Stephen, was at first the most important.

The most conspicuous example of these is the Trebinjcica, which disappears in two swallow-holes in Popovopolye, and after making its way by a subterranean passage through a range of mountains, wells up in the mighty source of Ombla near Ragusa, and hurries in undiminished volume to the Adriatic. The Narenta, or Neretva, is the one large river of Herzegovina which flows above ground throughout its length.

The rule excludes wrong conduct with two degrees of stringency.

The church of the Holy Ghost (Helgeands-Kyrka) in a late Romanesque style (c. 1250) is a remarkable structure with a nave of two storeys.

Of the two parties who joined in it Retz could only depend on the bourgeoisie of Paris.

Let E and F be two magnitudes so related that whenever F has any value (within certain limits) E has a definite corresponding value.