Sentence Examples with the word twins

The twins begged me to bring you back, so I made it part of my plans.

As it always did, memories of the twins sparked a fire of anger at her father.

The twins came barreling up to her, nearly knocking her down.

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Interpenetration twins (fig.

Something had gone awry, or so the twins found out a day or two later, although Vinnie swore everything went according to plan and they hadn't done anything wrong.

I was thinking it wouldn't be big enough for all of us after the twins come home.

Although many pseudo-symmetric twins are transformable into the simpler form, yet, in some cases, a true polymorph results, the change being indicated, as before, by alterations in scalar (as well as vector) properties.

I know, because the twins always went up to Scranton on Wednesday night 'cause that's when this country and western band they liked played.

Someone grabbed the dough and Dean didn't believe Baratto or the twins had either the brains or nerve to pull off a heist like that, much less stay mum about it for months.

Samin, mate of Lela, father of twins Allin and Kellin.