Sentence Examples with the word twice

But if an observer is stationed at S' the waves will be about half as far apart and will reach him with nearly twice the frequency, so that he hears a note about an octave higher.

He spelled her for a while, digging twice as much in half the time.

Monmouth and the rebel army passed through Shepton twice in 1685, and twelve of the rebels were hanged here by Judge Jeffreys.

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Handling the long lance lightly, glancing twice or thrice along its length to see if it be exactly straight, Stubb whistlingly gathers up the coil of the warp in one hand, so as to secure its free end in his grasp, leaving the rest unobstructed.

They circled the room twice before a hand reached up and tapped Alex on the shoulder.

Sow lettuce for succession, with radishes and Round-leaved spinach, twice in the course of the month; and small salads every fortnight.

Without entering on the details of his ecclesiastical activity,' we may note that he was twice associated with embassies from the Roman emperor to Yazdegerd I.

Only twice more did the forces of the South strike out (Gettysburg, 1863; Nashville, 1864), and then the offensive was more of a counter-attack than an advance.

As a matter of fact, as far as modern Europe is concerned, there has twice been a progression, separated by a period of retrogression, and it is to the latter that Bucher's picture of the agricultural and strictly protectionist town (the geschlossene Stadtwirtschaft) of the 14th and r 5th centuries belongs, while Sombart's notion of an entire absence of a spirit of capitalistic enterprise before the middle of the 15th century in Europe north of the Alps, or the 14th.

This court was held twice a year, but in 1217 it was ordered that the view of frankpledge should only be taken once - at Michaelmas.