Sentence Examples with the word twenty-three

He wrote twenty-three books on the period between the Social War and the dictatorship of Sulla.

Dorso-lumbar vertebrae never fewer than twentytwo, usually twenty-three in the existing species.

Ptolemy catalogues twenty-three stars, Tycho Brahe twenty-eight, Hevelius fifty-two.

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It was often the meeting-place of German diets, twenty-three of which are said to have been held here, and was frequently the residence of the emperors.

A man of refinement and education, a member of an influential family, a popular social leader and an eloquent speaker - at the age of twenty-three he was chosen by the town authorities of Boston to deliver the Independence Day oration - Otis yet lacked conspicuous ability as a statesman.

Claudius Quadrigarius (about 80 B.C.) wrote a history, in at least twenty-three books, which began with the conquest of Rome by the Gauls and went down to the death of Sulla or perhaps later.

It was something normal people did during this time of year, something she'd done every year for twenty-three years.

Other peculiar animals are twenty-three species of the Centetidae, a family of the Insectivora almost confined to Madagascar; while of the Carnivora there are several small creatures belonging to the civets (Viverridae).

The cousins met after an interval of twenty-three years, and Lady Hesketh was to be Cowper's good angel to the end, even though her letters disclose a considerable impatience with Mrs Unwin.

He was taken prisoner at the battle of Agincourt (1415), and remained in England twenty-three years, in accordance with the dying injunctions of Henry V.