Sentence Examples with the word twenty-four hours

Their retreat having been unmolested, the Prussians were ready once more to take the field, quite twenty-four hours before Napoleon deemed it possible for the foe defeated at Ligny.

The invaders of Helles had secured but a precarious foothold on Ottoman soil by the morning of the 26th, twenty-four hours after starting operations; but fair progress was made by them during the course of this second day.

However, if they didn't hurry, Sofi would come back with a child before twenty-four hours passed in the mortal world..

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The largest amount of alcohol that can be burnt up within the healthy body in twenty-four hours is 12 oz., but it must be consumed in great dilution and divided into small doses taken every four hours.

TheBordein grounded on the following day, and again on the 2 6th, by which twenty-four hours were lost.

This place had been held by a French garrison, but had capitulated only twenty-four hours beforehand, a fact of which Napoleon was naturally unaware.

Two years of incessant labor with relays of artisans working steadily throughout the twenty-four hours were required to finish this piece.

About six or eight hours after starting the distillation is in full swing, and in twenty-four hours it is completed.

It was obvious that what they had failed to do by surprise was hopeless now that twenty-four hours had been given in which the Germans 1 Steinmetz was shortly afterwards relieved of his command and returned to Germany.

Astrology is in its nature an occult science, and there is no trace of a day of twenty-four hours among the ancient Hebrews.