Sentence Examples with the word twelve

And the twelve imams. All these poets flourished under the patronage of the Samnid princes, who also fostered the growing desire of their nation for historical and antiquarian researches, for exegetical and medical studies.

In November 1660 he was flung into Bedford gaol; and there he remained, with some intervals of partial and precarious liberty, during twelve years.

During the first nine years of the war as described in the Iliad, Achilles ravaged the country round Troy, and took twelve cities.

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The nine books were subsequently expanded to twelve (Leipzig, 1874).

At about twelve years of age he was sent to the school of St Mary de Crypt, Gloucester, where he developed some skill in elocution and a taste for reading plays, a circumstance which probably had considerable influence on his subsequent career.

When Otanes was twelve years old, his parents wished to send him to a distant city to study in a famous school that was there.

Pete said a freight wagon the size of theirs would normally only travel ten to twelve miles a day, but the seats he had put in for the riders reduced the weight they could carry.

The western side of Table Mountain faces the Atlantic, and is flanked by the hills known as The Twelve Apostles; to the south Hout's Bay Nek connects it with the remainder of the range; on the east the mountain overlooks the Cape Flats.

Waclaw Sieroszewski has written Twelve Years in the Land of the Jakuts, a contribution to the literature of folk-lore and ethnology such as only a real artist could produce.

Wise, prudent and conservative, Gallatin made few changes in Hamilton's arrangements, and for twelve years administered the national finances with the greatest skill.