Sentence Examples with the word tutorial

There was evidence that the candidate would have sufficient monies to meet tutorial fees and subsistence costs while studying at the university.

Darkyn was ancient, according to the tutorial she'd watched, from the time-before-time.

He next engaged in literary and tutorial work in Bremen, and on the outbreak of the revolution, in February 1848, was sent to Paris, as correspondent of the Bremer Zeitung.

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Hell has a library, and the librarian has been teaching me about the deities through these little video tutorial things.

Richard Cartwright, of Kingston, Upper Canada, as suitable for tutorial work.

Returning to Glasgow in 1872 he became assistant in the Young laboratory of technical chemistry at Anderson's College, and from 1874 acted as tutorial assistant in chemistry at the university.

Regulations as to grants-in-aid were made by the act, with the stipulation that no sum from them should be devoted to the provision or maintenance of any building, or tutorial or other office, for religious purposes, though private benefaction for such purposes is not prohibited.