Sentence Examples with the word turning away

After their departure, Mary sees two angels where His body had lain and turning away beholds Jesus standing, yet recognizes Him only when He addresses her.

She successfully navigated through her first obstacle: turning away the woman who was supposed to be here.

And so, when we pass from the ontology to the ethics of Platonism, we find that, though the highest life is only to be realized by turning away from concrete human affairs and their material environment, still the sensible world is not yet an object of positive moral aversion; it is rather something which the philosopher is seriously concerned to make as harmonious, good and beautiful as possible.

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Killed them, yes! said he, frowning angrily and turning away from Pierre.

This was one more example of Howie turning away from anything that might prove uncomfortable.

He indicated her with the gun before turning away without another look.