Sentence Examples with the word turn over

It is raised well over the head and dropped forcibly into the ground, then pulled towards the wielder to turn over the soil.

Bossuet, Louis XIV.s mouthpiece, triumphed in his turn over the quietism of Madame Guyon, a mystic who recognized neither definite dogmas nor formal prayers, but abandoned herself to the torrent of the forces of God.

For the right man, I'm willing to turn over the running of the farm and become his helpmate.

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As noble as Gabriel was, he wouldn't hesitate to turn over anyone who hurt his mate to Darkyn.

The literary beginnings he had made in Frankfort now seemed to him amateurish and trivial; he felt that he had to turn over a new leaf, and, under the guidance of E.

But then, the typical American wife would never turn over the decision making to her husband, either.

When he did turn over his soul to her, she dumped him.

At times Miss Keller seemed to lack flexibility, her thoughts ran in set phrases which she seemed to have no power to revise or turn over in new ways.

The Washington authorities, thoroughly dissatisfied, ordered him to turn over the command to General Thomas, but the latter magnanimously declined the offer, and Buell on the 8th of October fought the sanguinary and indecisive battle of Perryville, in consequence of which Bragg retired to Chattanooga.

The Lower Greensand escarpment looks inwards in its turn over the wide plain of Weald Clay, along which the Medway flows in the north, and which forms a fertile soil, well cultivated, and particularly rich in hops and wheat.