Sentence Examples with the word turn out

For example, if it should turn out that the mass of a body is to be estimated by counting the number of corpuscles (whatever they may be) which go to form it, then a body with an irrational measure of mass is intrinsically impossible.

In many cases they will probably turn out to be descriptive epithets of gods 3 The Assyrian language is practically identical with the Babylonian, just as the Assyrians are the same people as the Babylonians with some foreign admixtures.

But even if we assume that fifty years ago Alexander I was mistaken in his view of what was good for the people, we must inevitably assume that the historian who judges Alexander will also after the lapse of some time turn out to be mistaken in his view of what is good for humanity.

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It draws few students from foreign parts, 2 where the local schools are of the poorest kind, except in India (thanks to a British government) and perhaps in Constantinople., Bokhara was once a chief seat of learning, but is now so sunk in narrow fanaticism that its eighty madrasas (medresses) with their 5000 students only turn out a bigoted and foolish clergy (V5.mbery).

I know the lessons you taught me will help him turn out well.

Even if these new states turn out not to be peaceful, their size probably will mean the conflict is limited, and the decline in military alliances means the conflict is less likely to entangle others and escalate.

Though the gregarious sperm whales have their regular seasons for particular grounds, yet in general you cannot conclude that the herds which haunted such and such a latitude or longitude this year, say, will turn out to be identically the same with those that were found there the preceding season; though there are peculiar and unquestionable instances where the contrary of this has proved true.

Every once in a while, things turn out the way you hope that they will.

The idea that Jonny would turn out to be like Talon made her chest clench.

In the course of this year an attempt was made to turn out of the royal employment all those who were suspected of Huguenot tendencies.