Sentence Examples with the word turn on

If you don't mark 'em all with rocks we're going to miss a turn on the way out and end up god-knows-where in the middle of the earth someplace.

Either of them was too much of a turn on to a demon that reveled in causing pain.

Hunger dehumanized, causing one person to turn on another and to forget everything except his own survival ...

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Without waiting for an answer, he headed for the kitchen, stopping briefly to turn on the stereo.

He has many moods and each mood imprints itself in turn on his.

Someone knocked at the door before she could turn on more than the living room lights.

Weeks ago, when she.d been at the Sanctuary, Gabriel entrusted her with the secret of what had caused Kris to turn on Rhyn.

He snatched her phone as he squatted beside her and tossed it in the sink above their heads, stretching to turn on the water.

In the first two centuries the rite is spoken of as an offering and as a bloodless sacrifice; but it is God's own creations, the bread and wine, alms and first-fruits, which, offered with a pure conscience, he receives as from friends, and bestows in turn on the poor; it is the praise and prayers which are the sacrifice.

And here the controversy did not turn on the exact fulfilment of detailed predictions; detailed prediction occupies a very secondary place in the writings of the prophets.