Sentence Examples with the word turmoil

The countess had a headache brought on by all the noise and turmoil and was lying down in the new sitting room with a vinegar compress on her head.

She leapt up and closed the door behind her, turmoil in her breast.

He felt her turmoil through their bond and ached to ease her pain.

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Jule sensed a great deal of turmoil behind his calm features and pitied the man.

The election of elderly Grand Masters became prevalent, the turmoil and chances of frequent elections being acceptable to younger members.

But the question was soon forgotten in the turmoil caused by the Crimean War.

They passed through much persecution, in consequence of the rising of 1745, but, after the death of their King Charles, they became as loyal as any other religious body, managing their own affairs with no more turmoil than is caused by the coexistence of the Anglican and the Laudian prayer-books, with their different forms of the communion.

As regards Vincent he himself tells us that only after long and sad experience of worldly turmoil did he betake himself to the haven of a religious life.

During the Italian turmoil the schism in Germany had made such alarming progress that it now proved impossible to bridge the chasm.

When the weekend arrived we once again went through the turmoil of renting and car and leaving the Big Apple in weekend traffic.