Sentence Examples with the word tunnel

Greenwich is connected with Poplar on the north shore by the Greenwich tunnel (1902), for foot-passengers, to the Isle of Dogs (Cubitt Town), and by the Blackwall Tunnel (1897) for street traffic, crossing to a point between the East and West India Docks (see Poplar).

Jessi concentrated on her breathing and not the tunnel vision.

The Grand Pont, designed by the cantonal engineer, Adrien Pichard (1790--1841), was built 1839-1844, while the Barre tunnel was pierced 1851-1855 and the bridge of Chauderon was built in 1905.

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The darkness immediately engulfed them and they paused a dozen baby steps into the tunnel to allow their eyes to become accustomed to the blackness.

The sides of the tunnel showed before them like the inside of a long spy-glass, and the floor became more level.

The glass thus cools gradually as it passes down the tunnel and is thereby adequately annealed.

Hannibal made a pilgrimage to it in 214 B.C. Agrippa in 37 B.C. converted it into a naval harbour, the Portus Iulius; joining it to the Lacus Lucrinus by a canal, and connecting the latter with the sea, he reduced the distance to Cumae by boring a tunnel over 2 m.

A tunnel differs from a drift in that it is driven across the strata to intersect the deposit.

Usually the mother-beetle makes a fairly straight tunnel along which, at short intervals, she lays her eggs.

The scheme included a railway tunnel beneath the dam, for which, incidentally, a high military importance was claimed.