Sentence Examples with the word tunisian

Its walls are decorated with faience taken from an ancient Tunisian palace.

Berber dialects are still spoken in Tunisia in the island of Jerba, in the Matmata country, and in the Tunisian Sahara.

It is the centre of the Algerian and Tunisian coral fisheries and has an extensive industry in the curing of sardines; but .the harbour is small and exposed to the N.E.

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Of the Tunisian frontier, on a plateau 2 9 50 ft.

The total mileage of the Tunisian railways was computed to be 1060 m.

The Tunisian hedgehog is peculiar to that country and to Algeria.

The insolence of a Tunisian squadron which sacked Palma in the island of Sardinia and carried off 158 of its inhabitants, roused widespread indignation.

El Wad possesses a curious currency known as flous, consisting of obsolete copper coins of Algerian and Tunisian dynasties.

He negotiated directly with the bey of Tunis with a view to installing as beys at Oran and Constantine Tunisian princes who recognized the authority of France.

When the country went bankrupt in 1869, a triple control was estab lished over Tunisian finances, with British, French French.