Sentence Examples with the word tumour

But when cancer attacks the inlet of the stomach, the tumour is of the scaly epitheliomatous variety.

A simple tumour composed of well-differentiated fibrous tissue.

This melanin pigment is found in certain tumour growths, pigmented moles of the skin, and especially in melanatic sarcomata (fig.

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Towards the close of 1828 he felt the approach of a fatal malady - a tumour in the brain - and devoted his last days to a careful revisal of his unpublished researches and industrial processes, dictating several papers on these subjects, which were afterwards published in the Philosophical Transactions.

Not only so, but this mapping of the brain in areas of function now often enables the clinical physician to determine the position of disease; in a certain few cases of tumour or abscess, so precisely that he may be enabled to open the skull above the part affected and to extirpate it - operations which are surely a triumph of science and technical skill (Lister, W.

From the histological examination of tumour cells there is no evidence to show that they resemble the protozoal unicellular organisms in occasionally passing through a sexual process of reproduction, i.e.

A malignant tumour composed of undifferentiated masses of cells.

The commonest form of malignant tumour is the result of the growth of cancerous elements which have been brought to the liver by the veins coming up from a primary focus of the large intestine.

Drill-bones) may develop in a soft tissue with no natural bone-forming tendencies, as a result of interrupted pressure, or a fatty tumour may arise in the midst of the natural subcutaneous fat in the same circumstances.

The greater the degree of anaplasia the more the tumour cells conform in character and appearance to the embryonic type of cell and the more malignant is the new growth.