Sentence Examples with the word tuition

Its support was derived from public land given by the United States to the state of Alabama for educational purposes in 1819, and special taxes or tuition fixed by each township. The Civil War demoralized the nascent system.

CHADERTON, LAURENCE (?1536-1640), Puritan divine, was born at Lees Hall, in the parish of Oldham, Lancashire, probably in September 1536, being t41e second son of Edmund Chaderton, Scale, 1:3,350,000 o lo Miles 50 to ...mostly a gentleman of an ancient and wealthy family, and a zealous Catholic. Under the tuition of Laurence Vaux, a priest, he became an able scholar.

Not only literature, but the physical sciences, as then taught, had a charm for him; and he is said to have made considerable progress in medicine under the tuition of his father.

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SILVIO PELLICO (1788-1854), Italian dramatist, was born at Saluzzo in Piedmont on the 24th of June 1788, the earlier portion of his life being passed at Pinerolo and Turin under the tuition of a priest named Manavella.

In the normal schools, where the pupils are trained to enter the public service as primary teachers, not only is the tuition free, but also books, board, lodging and everything needed in their school work.

He was educated by his father till he was seventeen, when he was placed under the tuition of Charles Wycliffe Goodwin, the orientalist and archaeologist.

It has been suggested that he began engraving while still in Padua, under the tuition of a distinguished goldsmith, Niccolo.

He had been a tutor of Balliol and a clergyman since 1842, and had devoted himself to the work of tuition with unexampled zeal.

The payment for tuition varies from fourpence or fivepence to tenpence a month for each child.

He put himself under the tuition of David Bogue of Gosport and carried away deep impressions from his academy.