Sentence Examples with the word trusted

Her most trusted friend and servant bowed and returned to the dark forms.

He.d last seen his other trusted lieutenant, Iliana, two days ago, when he.d sent her to represent him in North America while he was away.

But Hooker was no longer trusted by the Washington authorities, and his dispositions were interfered with.

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According to a curious story, told by the third earl himself, the marriage between his father and mother was negotiated by John Locke, who was a trusted friend of the first earl.

He smiled faintly, knowing how hard it was to rile up his trusted Guardian.

When quite a boy he checked his own tendency to fits of passion on learning that his father trusted him to cure his defects.

She leaned against the wall and drew a deep breath, praying A'Ran trusted this Council member for a reason.

He remained one of Elizabeth's most trusted Protestant counsellors, being appointed in 1572 chancellor of the order of the Garter and a secretary of state.

On the 23rd of July all was confusion at the depots, and the leaders were divided as to the course to be pursued; orders were not obeyed; a trusted messenger despatched for arms absconded with the money committed to him to pay for them; treachery, quite unsuspected by Emmet, honeycombed the conspiracy; the Wicklow contingent failed to appear; the Kildare men turned back on hearing that the rising had been postponed; a signal expected by a contingent at the Broadstone was never given.

His marriage with Livia (38 B.C.) placed by his side a sagacious counsellor and a loyal ally, whose services were probably as great as even those of his trusted friend Marcus Agrippa.