Sentence Examples with the word truss

Thus, the Fink truss consists of king-post trusses; the Pratt truss (fig.

A frame used to support a weight is often called a truss; the stresses on the various members of a truss can be computed for any given load with greater accuracy than the intensity of stress on the various parts of a continuous structure such as a tubular girder, or the rib of an arch.

The Howe truss of 1830 and the Pratt truss of 1844 are examples.

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As railway loads increased and greater spans were demanded, the Howe truss was stiffened by timber arches on each side of each girder.

The Howe truss had timber chords and a lattice of timber struts, with vertical iron ties.

When caught by a gust of c, c, Thin bands of iron with truss planks a, a, and wind, actually lifted the d, d, Vertical rods.