Sentence Examples with the word trumbull

WILLIAM MCKINLEY (1843-1901), twenty-fifth president of the United States, was born in Niles, Trumbull county, Ohio, on the 29th of January 1843.

Theophilus Eaton Francis Newman William Leete State Jonathan Trumbull Matthew Griswold Samuel Huntington Oliver Wolcott.

Fitz John Winthrop Gurdon Saltonstall Joseph Talcott Jonathan Law Roger Wolcott Thomas Fitch William Pitkin Jonathan Trumbull The New Haven Colony.

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Within its borders are various popular beaches, including Woodmont (incorporated as a borough in 1903), Pond Point, Bay View, Fort Trumbull Beach (where a fortification, named Fort Trumbull, was erected in 1776), Myrtle Beach, Meadow's End, Walnut Beach and Milford Point.

He was elected to the state House of Representatives, from which he immediately resigned to become a candidate for United States senator from Illinois, to succeed James Shields, a Democrat; but five opposition members, of Democratic antecedents, refused to vote for Lincoln (on the second ballot he received 47 votes-50 being necessary to elect) and he turned the votes which he controlled over to Lyman Trumbull, who was opposed to the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and thus secured the defeat of Joel Aldrich Matteson (1808-1883), who favoured this act and who on the eighth ballot had received 47 votes to 35 for Trumbull and 15 for Lincoln.