Sentence Examples with the word troubling

There were two classes of gods - the first immortal, of whom Ndengei is the greatest, said to exist eternally in the form of a serpent, but troubling himself little with human or other affairs, and the others had usually only a local recognition.

As troubling as this thought is, equally troubling would be the response of the country so attacked.

Of course he would feel responsible for working it out and not troubling her with it.

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Her erotic dreams were proof that he was becoming more than a friend to her, and that thought was troubling - both from the standpoint of her goals, and the fact that she was setting herself up for rejection.

For a moment he gazed down at her as though something were troubling him, but then he finally turned.

Grappling with the answer was almost as troubling as dealing with Jonny.

He used to be awake instantly - another indication that this thing with Lori was troubling him deeper than he would admit.

Blumenthal returned and read the letter, and without troubling to disturb his chief he dealt with the matter himself in what is certainly one of the most remarkable documents ever issued in a grave crisis by a responsible staff officer.

It isn't troubling me, but if you really don't want me messing with it...

That was when Mary decided to relieve her mind of a troubling thought.