Sentence Examples with the word trophy

It occupies altogether about 144 acres, contains a trophy park, parade grounds, the United States Naval Lyceum (founded 1833), officers' quarters, barracks, and three large dry docks (respectively 564, 465 and 307 ft.

The great bronze head of Augustus Caesar, now in the British Museum, is one of the trophies of this excavation, and is very interesting as being either a trophy of war carried off perhaps from Syene, or was actually set up at Meroe by the independent native ruler in honour of the Emperor.

The bike was a trophy from a time when Dean's budget contained more expendable income.

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No sooner is he overcome with sleep than Judith, seizing his sword, strikes off his head and gives it to her maid; both now leave the camp (as they had previously been accustomed to do, ostensibly for prayer) and return to Bethulia, where the trophy is displayed amid great rejoicings and thanksgivings.

When the Rhodians regained their freedom they built round this trophy so as to render it inaccessible, whence it was known as the Abaton.

The evening culminated in the presentation of the Textron trophy for achievements in cricket groundsmanship to a very surprised Geoff Swift.

After making its way into the interior, the intruder sets up a considerable hyper trophy of the tissue, causing the formation of a tubercle, which soon shows a certain differentiation, branches of the vascular bundles of the root being supplied to it.

It was a calm; so, forming a tandem of three boats, we commenced the slow business of towing the trophy to the Pequod.

An ancient Hawaiian war-club or spear-paddle, in its full multiplicity and elaboration of carving, is as great a trophy of human perseverance as a Latin lexicon.

It's is warm here in the south and I fear I can't keep my tiny trophy in my auto another day.